Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
FDT has many years’ experience working with the pharmaceutical and bio-pharma industry. At FDT, our main focus is to produce effective, positive solutions, which fulfil all the necessary requirements, while staying within the budgetary confinements and industry standards for the project.

A key feature of our service offering is in the area of energy auditing and energy efficient design. We have acted for several of our pharma clients as independent “EED Experts” during their design process.

A selection of the work we have carried out for our clients includes:
- Energy Efficient Design review of a new pilot plant prior to design finalisation pharma site
- Generation of validation documentation (IQ/OQ) for purified water generation and distribution system at API plant
- Energy Efficient Design review of CHP plant installation for pharmaceutical client – resulted in significant capital cost saving on project
- CIP Optimisation Study for pharmaceutical client
- Energy Efficient design review of HVAC systems for healthcare client – register of opportunities identified for replacement HVAC system

Brewing and Beverage
At FDT, we offer specialist technical support to breweries of all sizes, in many locations across the globe. We work with clients to design and build sustainable breweries, while ensuring reliability, high quality and cost effective capital investment, with efficient operating and maintenance costs. We also work with existing breweries, to improve performance, effectively resolve process issues, reduce water consumption and waste, and to increase energy efficiency.

We advise our clients how to get the most out of their investments, offering business support and assisting with the selection of the most suitable equipment providers. Based on many years’ brewing industry experience, we have a unique understanding of the issues facing the brewing sector and boast a prestigious track record in delivering first class results to our clients in both large scale (multinational) and craft brewing categories.

Our staff are passionate about the brewing sector and we work closely with clients of all sizes who have the same passion for their product. Recent assignments we have completed for our brewing and beverage clients include:
- Brewery Tunnel Pasteuriser Energy Efficient Design Review
- Beverage Concentrate Pasteuriser Upgrade
- Brewing & kegging site utility capacity review
- Craft brewery capacity upgrade and utilities study
- Brewery refrigeration plant control review
- Microbrewery front end engineering design support
- Mass balance investigation for BOD, COD and SS
- Cream liqueur plant expansion – design, procure, installation management, commissioning and testing

FDT offers first class distilling support. We help our clients plan their investments to get maximum business benefit, doing so through efficient capital spend and smart process and utilities design. This helps the client spend wisely and avoid incurring extra costs (labour, energy, water, low yields) and problematic operation through poor design and poor equipment selection.

For new distilleries, we can help you to decide what to distil, what scale you want to start with and how to build up your capacity. In partnership with our clients, we create high quality distilleries, which will be able to grow and expand continuously as the business develops.

Our knowledge of the issues faced by the distilling sector comes from many years of experience working with professional distillers. A mutual passion for the distilling industry between us and our clients has allowed us to build a respected reputation for delivering high quality, effective, positive results.

Listed below is a sample of the range of assignments we have completed for our distillery clients:
- Distillery Hazardous Area Classification & Explosion Protection Document
- Front end concept design for new whiskey and gin distillery
- Distillery construction and commissioning support
- Distillery cooling system upgrade
- Bottling hall layout and filler operational review
- Asset care gap analysis
- Rum distillery detailed design

FDT has spent many years working with the food industry, completing projects in areas such as food processing, handling, transportation and packaging. We have a great understanding of this sector and its industry standards and what is required to succeed and expand.

We work closely with our clients to generate innovative and effective solutions and to manufacture quality food products. We provide long-lasting, sustainable solutions which are easy to maintain, with low operational costs. Our team shares a passion in the area of water consumption and waste reduction, meaning the final result will be effective, economical and environmentally aware.

The list below details some of the projects and assignments we have completed for food industry clients:
- Energy audits of cereal manufacturer’s European sites
- Renewable energy feasibility study for breakfast cereal manufacturer
- Anaerobic digester and CHP feasibility study for major crisp/snack manufacturer
- Ethanol recovery design review for animal feed producer

Here in FDT, we work with the dairy industry, to design and construct project solutions to aid in the areas of milk processing/handling and the production of cheese, yogurt and drinks. We ensure that our design delivers products of the highest standard, in the most economical way.

Our team has in-depth experience in the dairy industry and understand the daily issues faced. We advise our clients through each step of the project design process and guarantee that the finished product will be inexpensive to operate, while maintaining quality and reliability at the forefront of our design. We aim to minimise the required water and electricity usage, while also reducing waste production, meaning our design would be considered environmentally friendly and cost effective when compared to similar processes.

This means the product can be manufactured to the highest quality, appealing to the taste of the consumer. We share in the passion for the industry with our clients, in order to produce satisfactory, long-lasting results.
The list below details some of the recent assignments we have completed for dairy clients:
- HAZOP study and report for major dairy producer (butter production)
- Pasteuriser design for craft cheese producer

FDT are well known for the services we offer to industrial clients. We work with our clients to aid them in the development of a more sustainable, efficient business.

Our team specialises in energy and water efficient design and management, as well as product recovery and waste minimisation. Our project services collaborate with our clients to discuss concept design and feasibility. We monitor the installation, as well as offer commissioning and closeout support following completion.

FDT has acquired detailed knowledge, through many years’ experience, in process support and continuous improvement. The list below describes some of the projects and assignments we have completed for industrial clients:
- Design and costing of heat recovery system for large industrial wood drying system
- Environmental emissions evaluation for IPPC licencing on behalf of industrial client