PUReOPE: Process for Upgrade and Recovery Of Polyphenol Extracts



In partnership with specialist Business Consultants CPL, FDT Consulting Engineers are involved in an EU co-funded project to capture value from process waste in brewing and related industries.

PUReOPE (Process for Upgrade and Recovery Of Polyphenol Extracts) provides a unique and innovative methodology for the extraction of high-value polyphenol compounds from process waste in brewing, distilling, malting and cereals production. It provides an environmental benefit by reducing effluent volumes and treatment requirements and also a further economic benefit by recovering water and caustic suitable for re-use. Finally, among the polyphenols recovered are those used in a range of industries, including healthcare and food processing.

FDT is the project coordinator and lead partner, and CPL’s involvement is to help identify application, product formats, routes to market and customers for the PUReOPE polyphenols.

PUReOPE is co-funded by the Eco-Innovation Initiative of the European Union. For details of the Initiative, please visit the PUReOPE website, or click here for a brochure.