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Biorefinery Front End Design

Project Brief

The scope of work was to develop a front end design and budget for a biorefinery process. The biosciences company has developed a refinery process to valorise fresh waste in house and required a feasibility assessment of a fully scaled up commercial operation of this process.

The scope of supply included the following:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Equipment sizing
  • CAPEX estimate
  • OPEX estimate
  • Masterplan to scale up and sequentially introduce products

The Solution

The biorefinery process was developed in house by the client and a high level process flow and mass balance was provided to FDT.

A part of design development, FDT completed mass and energy balances and timing analyses for each step of the process.

The output of the study included:

  • Detailed capital cost estimate
  • Detailed operating cost estimate
  • Energy efficiency commentary
  • Process safety commentary
  • Refinery process and system design description
  • Outline project schedule
  • Analysis of the impact of selection of various processing e.g. the positives and negatives associated with different drying and filtration technologies.
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