At FDT, we offer specialist technical support to breweries, distilleries and beverage companies of all sizes, in many locations across the globe. We work with clients to design and build sustainable breweries and beverage manufacturers, while ensuring reliable, high quality and cost-effective capital investment, with efficient operating and maintenance costs. We also work with existing breweries and beverage companies to improve performance, effectively resolve process issues, reduce water consumption and waste, and to increase energy efficiency.

We advise our clients how to get the most out of their investments, doing so through efficient capital spend and smart process and utilities design. We offer business support and assisting with the selection of the most suitable equipment providers. Based on many years’ of experience in the brewing, distilling and beverage industry, we have a unique understanding of the issues facing these sectors and boast a prestigious track record in delivering first class results to our clients in both large scale (multinational) and craft brewing categories.

For new distilleries, we can help you to decide what to distil, what scale you want to start with and how to build up your capacity. In partnership with our clients, we create high quality distilleries, which will be able to grow and expand continuously as the business develops.

Our knowledge of the issues faced by the distilling sector comes from many years of experience working with professional distillers. A mutual passion for the distilling industry between us and our clients has allowed us to build a respected reputation for delivering high quality, effective, positive results.

Recent assignments we have completed for our beverage clients include:
  • Brewery Tunnel Pasteuriser Energy Efficient Design Review.
  • Beverage Concentrate Pasteuriser Upgrade.
  • Brewing & kegging site utility capacity review.
  • Craft brewery capacity upgrade and utilities study.
  • Brewery refrigeration plant control review.
  • Microbrewery front end engineering design support.
  • Mass balance investigation for BOD, COD and SS.
  • Cream liqueur plant expansion – design, procure, installation management, commissioning and testing.
  • Large tank farm and blending facility.
  • Distillery Hazardous Area Classification & Explosion Protection Document.
  • Front end concept design for new whiskey and gin distillery.
  • Distillery construction and commissioning support.
  • Distillery cooling system upgrade.
  • Bottling hall layout and filler operational review.
  • Asset care gap analysis.
  • Rum distillery detailed design.

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