FDT Consulting Engineers & Project Managers Ltd

FDT has more than 25 years of experience in water and energy management. Important clients have relied in FDT for the design, pricing, installation consultancy and commissioning of their water projects. FDT has provided design, pricing, installation consultancy and commissioning of water projects for our clients in projects ranging from lo CapEx operational improvements (such as sample water recovery) to large scale complex projects such as reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Some of the projects we have completed in the last few years:


 Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant

The aim of this project was to recover utility grade water from a high salt content brackish concentrate. FDT fulfilled the following roles in the desalination plant project:

  • Concept design and project costing
  • Consultancy support for installation through commissioning

Plant was able to recover utility grade water from high salt content brackish concentrate

Project Benefits:

  • Input: Bore Hole water with a conductivity of 4000uS/cm 
  • Output: Drinking water with conductivity from 150uS/cm
  • Typical recovery rate from 75%
 Borehole Media Filter Backwash Water Recovery

Media filters are backwashed at 3 x times the forward flow rate and at maximum 12 hour intervals:

Project Benefits:

  • 50%  of the backwash water proved easy to recover and blend back into the infeed stream on RO plant after media filter.
  • In this example for a 100 m3/hr bore hole RO plant water savings per week amounted to roughly 700 m3/week, adding up to 36,400 m3/annum
  • Both reduction to drain and bore hole extraction costs


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