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Brewery Expansion technical Support and Validation

Project Brief

FDT Consulting Engineers and Project Managers was engaged as a technical consultor to facilitate an expansion project for a brewery located in Ghana, Africa. The brewery sought to enhance its production capabilities and overall operational efficiency. FDT played a crucial role in coordinating and communicating between the client and the vendor to ensure seamless project execution.

Scope of Work
FDT undertook various tasks to support the brewery's expansion, including:

Scope of works (SOW) Writing: FDT was responsible for developing a comprehensive SOW that outlined the project objectives, scope and deliverables.
Technical Assessment: FDT conducted a thorough technical assessment of the existing brewery infrastructure to identify potential areas for improvement. This evaluation enabled the team to recommend suitable solutions tailored to the client's specific needs.
Process Design: FDT collaborated with the client and the vendors to design and optimize the brewery's processes. The focus was on enhancing production efficiency, product quality, and safety standards.
Validation Support: Throughout the expansion project, FDT provided validation support to ensure that all new installations complied with industry standards and regulations. This step was critical in achieving regulatory compliance and ensuring the successful implementation of the expansion.
HAZOP Assessment: FDT conducted a Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) assessment to identify and mitigate potential hazards in the brewery's operations. This proactive approach helped safeguard the environment, personnel, and assets during and after the expansion.

Project Participation


FDT's involvement extended to various projects within the brewery's expansion initiative, including:
Brewery Expansion: FDT contributed its expertise to expand the brewery's production capacity and optimize its brewing processes.
Raw Materials Handling Expansion: The team worked on enhancing the handling and storage of raw materials to ensure a seamless production workflow.
Fridge Plant Expansion: FDT assisted in the expansion of the fridge plant, ensuring sufficient and efficient cooling for the breweries processes.
New DAL Plant: FDT participated in the installation of a new DAL (Deaerated liquor) plant, which is a vital component in the brewing process.
New Carbo-Blender: The team was involved in the installation and commissioning of a new carbo-blender, essential for carbonation control in beverages.
Can Line: FDT facilitated the setup of a new can line, improving packaging efficiency and versatility.
Utilities for All Projects: Ensuring uninterrupted utilities for all the expansion projects was a crucial aspect in which FDT provided valuable support.

Overall, FDT's technical expertise and project management skills proved instrumental in the successful implementation of the brewery's expansion projects, strengthening their production capabilities and positioning them for sustained growth in the competitive beverage industry.

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