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Cellars Routing and Automation

Project Brief

In a large brewery, the existing process in the cellars area is predominantly carried out through a series of manual procedures. In the current setup routing between vessels and other parts of the plant is achieved using flexible hoses through the service block; a network of pipes which run throughout the plant and which all terminate in a central work area. The CIP of the vessels is semi-automatic, using CIP stations and portable CIP return pumps. These portable pumps are also used for emptying vessels.

The Solution

  • It was proposed to install a fixed piping system that will eliminate the flexible hoses and allow automation of the transfers.
  • This system will provide repeatability and consistency with respect to these transfers and will also allow valuable information to be collected from the new instrumentation which will be installed.
  • The primary purpose of the skid is to automate the tank rooms. Secondary benefits include the facility to assist in the monitoring of DAL water usage and allow the DAL for the tank rooms to be fully cleaned.

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