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Sucrose Changeover Project

Project Brief

A large brewing company wanted to change from using glucose and fructose in their brewing and cider making process to using only a single liquid sugar product on site which is sucrose.

The Solution

In order for this change to occur a number of modifications to the existing equipment on the site were required.

  • The existing fructose and apple juice concentrate storage tanks became the sucrose storage tanks and the existing glucose storage tank became the new apple juice concentrate storage tank. 
  • The new sucrose storage tanks required a sterile air connection to be installed on the top of the tanks. This serves the purpose of preventing the ingress of bacteria from the outside as the air supply will form a slightly positive air pressure in the tank and will move from the tank to the outside atmosphere. This air movement will also take any moisture in the air with it preventing condensation forming in the tank. Each tank has an independent air supply, pressure reducer and filter this is to prevent any cross contamination between the two tanks.
  • The two tanks used for sucrose storage now have a CIP requirement every time they are emptied. As part of this project the existing CIP loop in the site was extended to include the sucrose storage tanks. A new CIP program was required with a selection and interlocks to wash either tank but ensure that the wrong tank will not be selected.

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