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Craft Brewery Expansion

Project Brief

A medium sized brewing company was planning to expand and requested FDT's assistance in developing a site expansion masterplan. The aim was to identify the best way to expand in a phased manner, first by maximising the capacity of the existing plant and then by purchasing new equipment. 

The aims of the study were as follows:

1.  Maximise production with the existing set up.
2.  Identify the best route to incrementally increase production.
3.  Identify the appropriate sizing for the new brewhouse, fermentation and downstream processing and packaging facilities.

The Solution

The capacity of the site was modelled and pinch points acting as barriers to increasing production were identified. For example,

1. Excessive residence time in vessel causing an effective decrease in site storage capacity.

2. Insufficient heat exchange area causing delay in one process step.

3. High levels of water hardness causing fouling and thus reduced heat transfer (resulting in delays and increased energy usage) over several process steps.

An action plan to improve site efficiency and to increase capacity was developed on this basis. In some cases, no capital outlay was required but optimisation of operating parameters.  

In addition to this efficiency review and phased capacity increase plan, FDT developed site layouts for the new brewhouse and utilities and developed a plan for the installation and commissioning of a new brewhouse.

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