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Rum Distillery Utilities Study

Project Briefing

Rum distillery utilities asessment was focused on 3 main areas:

1. Biomass Boiler

  • Bagasse fueled boiler 
  • Pre-heating air is used to dry the bagasse while traveling along the vibrating grate prior to entering the boiler.
  • Boiler needs to operate at >30 bar(g) in order to have a high enough furnace temperature
  • Bagasse's density and calorific value is low and dependent of cane varietal and performance of the mills
  • An economiser is designed to withstand full boiler pressure thus pre-heating feedwater in excess of 100°C, this  is important for efficiency
  • Turndown ratio 1:8 – all equipment on VSDs (min. turndown on feedwater pumps limited by pressure requirement i.e. 30 bar(g)

2. Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine

  • ORC turbine is used as a steam load management device, otherwise, when there is no distillation taking place the steam would have to be vented.
  • Cycle based on Rankine’s steam cycle expect organic refrigerants/alcohols are used in the circuit in lieu of steam
  • Typically needs a heat supply and connection to cooling plant in this case steam supply of main header and cooling tower water connection
  • The circulating pump on the refrigerant circuit is VSD controlled giving a good turn-down ratio (albeit at lower output the parasitic loads consume a larger portion of the useful energy produced)

3. Air Emissions Abatement:

  • Feedwater economiser and air pre-heater
  • Grit collector or multi-cyclone separator operates with a pressure drop > 2 kPA
  • Reverse jet back filter – fitted with differential pressure instruments
  • > 95% particulate reduction achievable 



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